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tv   ABC2 News at 6PM  ABC  November 7, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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locus. and we go live to roosevelt leftwich. >> reporter: it's still a pretty active scene. take a look behind me. bge crews got the part that was messed up by the contractor ready to go. they're cutting that pipe to fill it. the prob local is not -- problem is restoring gas service to 1200 homes and businesses. this is the bge spokesperson for bge to tell us a little bit about the process. linda even though they attach the pipe tonight, there's a lot of work. >> this will take several days. we will have to interinterrupt service. the gas has been turned off at
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those homes and businesses but we were have to gain access before we start gas and put gas back into those buildings. for safety we need to get in twice. we've reached out to customers. we're going door to door asking them to let us in so we can turn the gas off. once we start to introduce gas, we can go back to the homes and make sure it's safe. >> reporter: like we were talking earlier, this sun like an electrical outage. this is much more labor intensive. >> when you have 1200 customers out of power, you don't have to go to each one. with a gas outage you have to go in and do it twice. turn the gas on. make the repairs and go back in and turn it on. it's very labor-intensive and time consuming. >> we're talking two, maybe
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three days. >> we know this will be several days. it's a 12-inch gas main. that will take time. once we fix the main itself, we have to run tests to make sure it's safe. once that process is completed then we'll start the process of getting gas back on to our customer. >> they're still out there on the scene. this pipe was ruptured by a contractor who was working on the bridge project. that caused a lot of gas to come up in the air. folks that live here said they could sea waves of gas and the smell was awful. coming up tonight at 11:00, we'll have more on the story. we'll talk to some of the folks who are affected. reporting live, roosevelt leftwich, abc2 news. breaking news out of howard county. it involve as police shooting. it took place in the 3400 block
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of hi tech drive. police say they received a call about a man walking around the area with a gun. when police got there, they saw a man walking on the railroad tracks, told him to drop his weapon. when he didn't, shots were fired. the man was taken to shock trauma, in serious condition. baltimore county police are investigating a bank robbery in middle river. it took place in the first mariner arena on carol island road around 3:00 this afternoon. police say two men wearing ski masks held employers and the customers in several rooms. one man was wearing a jacket marked for security. the man got away with an unknown amount of money. we have new developments to tell you about in the murder of the frostburg sophomore kortneigh mccoy. shanee liggins is charged with killing her but said she didn't
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do it. liggins said there was a fight between three men and herself. she said they started punching her and one had a knife and mccoy was involved. . the woman who helped rob johns hopkins roacher stephen pitcairn will spend time in prison. she was sentenced for 33 years, making half of that suspended. she testified against her accomplice john wagner. he was sentenced to life. a judge has ordered yeardley love's medical records to be handed over to the attorneys representing george huguely. they want to prove she died of something else rather than blunt force trauma to the head. the attorney is also arguing
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about pretrial publicity. they want jurors to fill out a questionnaire and be questioned individually. the judge also said no to cameras in the courtroom. the latest in baltimore county, investigators have determined what caused a three alarm fire at this pizza shot. they said the fire at didi's was accidental. it caused several hundred thousand in damage. some are walking through the perry hall neighborhood. firefighters will be visiting condo units to answer any kind of safety questions and handing out safety information to keep people safe. the fire started in the ceiling and quickly spread. 17 people, including two children were displaced. we're told nobody was hurt.
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weather wise, things have been oh, so quiet. temperatures above normal and across the area sunset at 9:00. skies crystal clear. temperatures upper 50s to near 60s still. ellicott city 60. edgewood cooler at 52 and 65 down in goldsboro, almost no wind to speak of. we're back in the require 60s. we talk much more about how the rest of the week unfolds. if you live in baltimore city, you'll be out voting for mayor. baltimore city is a democratic city. this is the first time the mayor has had a run for her office. polling locations are open from 7:00 in the morning until #k tomorrow -- 8:00 tomorrow night.
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let's go to annapolis. with gas prices 58 cents a gallon higher than last year, this would not be the time to convince marylanders to go along with the gas increase. >> reporter: the governor floated the idea of the gas tax hike in the recent special session. >> doing everything we possibly can to get as many marylanders back to work. >> reporter: the governor wants to do that by raising the tax on gas. it would go to road construction and school projects. they say that, in turn, could create more jobs. legislative leaders feel this is a good time to increase the taxes. >> labor losses are low. >> reporter: even though gas
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prices have dropped, many taxpayers were excited about the prospect of paying more at the pumps. >> i don't like that. they should live within their means. >> i don't think anybody can afford more taxes right now. i know i can't. i'm unemployed and can't afford to drive anymore. >> in the past two years the governor and the legislature have taken $676 million to use for other projects. some taxpayers see this as the problem. >> if they didn't raid these accounts, they we would be all right em' not in favor. -- i'm not in favor unless this is a guarantee they would use it for infrastructure. >> we know the pries of gas has
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got you -- price of gas has got you down. head to our website for the prices. the grand prix is being told to pay its debt or the city will terminate their contract. race organizers owe the city more then a million and a half dollars. brd is also facing lawsuits from vendors. two minutes to go. joltin' joe. just off his fingertips. joe flacco's pass finds him in the end zone.
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this is the pass we mr. always remember. you can hear screams. just win it, joe,ed he di.d rave 23. stealers 20. harbaugh said the win was for all of us. today, while a little bit more subdued, the coach was thinking about us. >> i'm happy for the fans of baltimore because i think they deserve it. they're the best fans in the world. they are the best. for them to be a part of this is really -- it's a big deal. >> ravens are back on the road as they head out west to play seattle and then play face cincinnati. well, it was something she said, she did to protect her business. why the owner of the cafe hon
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has decided to give up the trademark. >> when you want to trade in your car, you want to look at kelley blue book but scammers are using it to steal from you. >> 61 at bwi. that was higher than anticipated. so no winner today. when we come back, we'll talk about two different weather makers, but does it hold off? that's the question we answer straight ahead.
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we were down at the hippodrome theater and got news
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about the nonprofit dance companies and music ensome best. it's beginning with $300,000, contributed by broadcasts across america. it hopes to find more donors and increase it to a million dollars. >> throughout our career we've been surrounded by these talented individuals. we run to them every day. these days we need the economic insen of it to support -- incentive to support them, a structure to support them and funds to support them. >> today the it was announced -- the first recipient was announced. she legally locked up a word deer to our heart but the owner
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relinquished the word. she said she only bought it to protect her brand hon. but news she had registered the word caused a backlash that threatened to put her out of business. >> no one can ever take, steal or own the spirit of baltimore, and i apologize from the pot tom of my heart for all of what -- all the pain that i've caused to everyone out there. >> she said her cafe has lost 25% of her business and she had to cash in her retirement account to make payroll. dark a lot earlier this week. sunset just past 5:00 tonight. we'll be in the 4:00 hour quickly over the next couple of
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weeks. winds south, basically no wind to speak of. as we take a look at some of the weather it was pit churr's being. -- picturesque. near 70 at the airport. ellicott city, early sunset here, fall foilage check at laurel. all right. maryland's most powerful radar crystal clear. our temperatures right now running a wide gamut. most spots still in the 50s. it's a rapid cooloff now that the sun has set earlier. 63 but the airport hitting 69. no wind. it is a calm, calm night. no weather in the mid-atlantic
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region. one larger system to the west actually creating some tornado warnings in places like oklahoma. another disturbed area off the carolina coast by 1,000 miles. this could become a significant coastal storm. high pressure will keep our weather clear and calm for the next few days until this boundary gets in out of the west. today you can see from new york all the way down through the south temperatures well north of 60 degrees, so, really a mild scenario. there's that high pressure keeping us crystal clear tomorrow. as we go into wednesday, things begin to change. we've got the coastal storm spinning out. that could send clouds, maybe a renegade shower. showers by thursday. overnight down to 38, clear and colder, some frost north and
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west. tomorrow your two-degree guarantee will be 69. tomorrow night down to 4345 we go. stays clear and not as chilly. your seven-day forecast, we'll look for temperatures to stay mild the next two days or so. we cool off thursday into friday. veterans day looks chillier for all the parades and such. this weekend classic fall weather, upper 50s and sunshine. >> we'll take it, right? >> my kind of november. all right. hey, there's much more relief coming to the gas pump. the lundberg survey said prices are coming back down. four cents in the last week. demand for gas is down helping reduce prices. as for prices in our own area,
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prices are higher than a month ago. prices are down to $3.33. premium is down four cents. federal hill, $3.29. we'll see you there tonight. listen, online car sales are a big target for scammers. abc2 news joce sterman has more. >> reporter: they're your trusted source for information when it comes to what your car is worth. >> we plawl know kelly -- all know kelley blue book. >> reporter: scammers are using the name it run a scheme. cars are posted for sale at low prices on listing sites on the web with stories about why the seller has to ditch the ride quickly and can't meet in person. once they've glt you interest --
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got you've interested, they will take you to another site. >> they will move you to another site. the site looks authentic. >> reporter: but there's nothing legitimate about what they want you to do. they are asking you to wire money to a third party for the car saying if you're not happy, you can return it. that doesn't happen. keep in mind if you're buying cars online, the bbb said it's best to meet with the seller first before you hand over cash. otherwise, you might get taken for a ride. >> if you run into this kind of scam you're urged top contact
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the internet crime group. we've been there and ready to blast off on our ex's. now you can do that in a whole new way. tonight we'll show you websites that lets scorn lovers dish the digital dirt and we'll tell you which sex is more likely to let it all out. >> you don't go to these sites to go soft own a person. of course you put everything out there. >> join us at 11:00 where we dish the digital dirt. ♪
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nice day today. let's keep it going. >> early sunset. it's mie.d another warm day tomorrow, upper 60s a good bet. some spots could touch 70 by 4:00 tomorrow afternoon. hey, not too bad. >> that's beautiful. >> good stuff. >> all right. that's it for us. we will see you tonight at 11:00, digging the digital dirt. where until you see this joce
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sterman investigation. diane sawyer is next, big news, dr. dr. dr. conrad murray and we'll see you tonight. have a great night.
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